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Florida Value-Added Model (VAM)

Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency is a downloadable Excel file.

Free/Reduced Price Lunch

Free/Reduced Price Lunch is separated in two categories, 75% and above or less than 75%.


Total operating expenditures are the total Prekindergarten through Grade 12 program costs, including exceptional education program costs. These totals do not include food service and student transportation costs. The classroom instruction expenditures are defined as instruction and instructional support services pursuant to section 1010.215(4)(b)1 and 2, Florida Statutes.

District and School Sizes

The tables below describe how district and school sizes are defined.

District Sizes

Small4,500 or fewer
Medium4,501 - 25,000
Large25,001 - 90,000
Very Large90,001 or more

School Sizes

School TypeSmallMediumLargeVery Large
Elementary1 - 470471 - 615616 - 765766 or more
Middle1 - 625626 - 865866 - 11151116 or more
High1 - 295296 - 13851386 - 20752076 or more
Combination1 - 9596 - 367368 - 835835 or more
Other1 - 2021 - 4041 - 8081 or more

Title I

Title I, Part A, provides local educational agencies (LEA) resources that help children gain a high-quality education and the skills to master the Florida Standards. Title I provides additional resources to schools with economically disadvantaged students.

Follow your browser's instructions to download and open the file. If you have questions about the data, send email to FLDOE.