Table of Contents

Florida Value-Added Model (VAM)

Interacting with the Report

Finding a School or District

  1. If you are viewing a school or district, select Choose a different school or district. Otherwise, skip this step.
  2. Click in the Search District or School Name field.
  3. Select the District tab to search for districts or select the School tab to search for schools.
  4. With the pointer in the Search District or School Name box, enter the name or ID of the district or school.
If you are viewing a school or district, another way to display a different school or district is to select it in the VAM vs. Financial Efficiency section.
The options below are available after you select a district or school.

Viewing More Information about a Section

On any of the three report sections, use the Expand and Collapse icons to toggle the following information:

  • Paragraph describing the section
  • Side-by-side comparisons
    • When a viewing a school, comparisons to schools, districts, and the state are available.
    • When viewing a district, comparisons to districts and the state are available.
  • Descriptions of the performance levels

Viewing Details about the Selected School or District

The icon toggles the gray Details Panel, where you can see details about the selected school or district.

Returning to the Home Page

Click to return to the Home page, where the Statewide Distribution of Overall VAM Ratings for Teachers
is displayed.